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Gorgeous Folks from the Hell-Sites

You know what it's like: you're trying to get a handle on the virtuascape of an enthusiasm, and all you can find are knobs who think talking down to a PhD is acceptable, or else someone who spends most of their time banging on about "when is National Men's Day" or "actually ALL lives matter". Arseholes, all of them.

Not like this bunch, though. Vetted for being lovely and approachable. They all make social media seem like a twee, non-threatening village from a PG Wodehouse novel, but with more swearing.


Ideal, really.


Obviously, there are loads of nice people on Twitter, so this list can't be exhaustive. But, dear crikey, imagine having a few jars with this lot. You could disagree about everything nicely, then go bowling before having a pizza. Literally, the dream.

@LEJenksBrown (GreekMythComix!)



















If Twitter isn't your cup of meat, and you prefer a bit more focus to your social media-ing, then these Insta-legends should be added forthwith!





Ancient Civilisations


Ancient Herstories

The Classicist Bibliophile

The Latin Programme

Spicy Classics Memes

Ancient World Access

Not-Strictly-Classics-Related-But-Worth-A-Look- On-Tyne

Yes, this is a Classics project, but why not point you towards some other lovely things?

See? You got nothing against that kind of truth!

Barter Books - One of our favourite bookshops.

Verso Books - The other of our favourite bookshops.

PG Wodehouse - Who makes everything better.

Miri's GoodReads - Because she has excellent taste.

Europa Universalis - Grand Strategy is our cup of tea.

Nukapedia - We love Fallout.

Phrontistery - Who doesn't like obscure words?

Timecube - So odd it's... well, it's very odd.

Discogs - Vinyl made easy (though slightly expensive).

Homestarrunner - Well, it makes us laugh.

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