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At Home

If you're an enthusiast, trying to develop a deeper understanding of Classical Studies, we're arrogant enough to refer you to sections of our own site.

The RESOURCES section will guide you to texts, video and audio to stimulate your learning.

Our STUFF WE LIKE section is a mix of different things which we recommend simply because we like them and they are fun. A good place to start.

Finally, our ZINE has regular contributions from fellow amateurs, as well as students and professionals. If you want to write something for us, ping us a message...

At School

If you are a school – not literally, that would be weird – looking to introduce Classical Studies, Latin or Greek to your curriculum, Classics for All should be your first stop.


Advice, assistance and resources all in one place. They're dead nice, too.

The Classics Library is a repository of resources for students, teachers and lecturers.


All free, and all produced by professional educators.


For individuals looking to gain “school” qualifications speak to your local college or secondary school about available courses or self-study.


Feel free to refer them to us if they need a bit of help.

At University

Our first recommendation is always for the Open University, who provide flexibility in course content, structure and financing.

Financing is often the locked-gate for potential students, so the following bursaries and scholarships may be worth pursuing:

An obvious place to start, but if you're lucky enough to live in Scotland, SAAS may be able to help with your fees.

The Classical Association offers a number of grants.

If you are a teacher who would like to pursue an MA in Classical Studies, the OU and AG Leventis Foundation have this generous offer.

In the US, the Society for Classical Studies have links to a staggering number of awards, scholarships and grants.

At postgraduate level there is a lot to sift through here.

We'd recommend also adding yourself to this mailing list, and this one as well, to keep abreast of developments in the academic Classics world. Both provide a daily digest, straight into your inbox.

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