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Hi, I’m George, the founder of Working Classicists. 

I was educated at a state school and attended university in Dundee – the first of my family to do so (go to university, not go to Dundee. Though, that too now I come to think of it). I had no education in Classical Studies during this period of my life, and went on to become an English teacher for more than a decade. 

A personal interest in Classics meant that I sat school-level qualifications in Latin and Classical Studies whilst working full-time, going on to complete a part-time Classics degree - and subsequently a Masters - at the Open University. 


I introduced Classical Studies to my current school eight years ago with help from other schools and my previous head teacher (the extraordinary M-C McInally, who shall forever be remembered as a patroness of the Classics). Over the last few years I have assisted more than a dozen state schools in getting a Classics course up and running, using resources and curriculum guides that I either wrote or collated.

I have supported Manchester City since before they were any good, love heavy metal music, poetry, films, Wodehouse novels, and bad puns. Most of my spare time – of which there is little – is spent reading, playing video games, writing, or napping. I have a lifelong, ongoing feud with my own mental health. I’m a socialist, a feminist, and a dog person.

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Hi, I’m Miri, and if you contact us, you’ll probably be chatting to me. 

I studied English at university whilst being deeply entrenched in local politics. After several years of campaigning and rallying for socialist values, I seem to have formed an opinion on basically everything. My lifelong love of Classical Studies manifested mainly in personal study as my school, like most state schools, was unable to offer the subject. I am now hoping to push the cause of Classical Studies for state school and working-class folk.

Although I have no formal Classics education, I have always been a massive history obsessive and am learning as I go. I pull my weight around the place by maintaining the website and scouring the web for resources.

I’m a video games journalist most of the time, and will usually be planning my next grand strategy. I’m a big fan of cryptic crosswords, coffee, science fiction, cats, and the works of William Morris (both politically and artistically). Reading, writing, baking, and yoga take up the rest of my time – unless I’m Tweeting angrily at an MP.

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For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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