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I'm a first-generation student from a working class family who, other than a project on Caledonia in Primary school, never got the chance to study classical subjects until I arrived at university. I fell in love with Classics mainly through watching the 'Sword & Sandal' epics beloved by my parents and grandparents!

I completed a PhD in Classics in 2015, and have been navigating the choppy waters of academic precarity ever since. I have been a Teaching Fellow, Tutor and Guest Lecturer at universities in Scotland and the US, and currently tutor at my home institution, the University of Edinburgh. Since late 2017, I've also been deeply engaged in Classics Outreach, working for the Classical Association of Scotland and Classics for All to increase access to Classics among Scottish state schools -- a campaign which is always looking for new collaborators!

My research interests are centred on the Severan Dynasty of the Roman Empire (193-235 CE). I've published on different aspects of the era, including the emperor Caracalla's Constitutio Antoniniana, the numismatic presentation of Julia Domna and the works of the author Cassius Dio among others. I'm in the midst of writing a biography of Caracalla, too!

Whether you like to chat about the Severans or about improving educational equity in Scotland, don't hesitate to drop me a line at or You can also find me on Twitter at @aleximrie23 and @CAScotia.

Fun facts: Outside of Classics, I'm a super keen boardgamer (like, I have a small problem level of keen...), and my claim to fame is that I am the designer of a special tartan for the city of Kraków in Poland!

Alex Imrie
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