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Accessing Apollo

Hopefully the first of many artistic contributions to the site, Alice Casalini has produced this glorious representation of Apollo - a very apposite image for our launch day.

Alice explains that, "I designed the image with issues of accessibility in mind, and that is why I chose to frame the Apollo with the railing - a railing that is see-through to give the illusion of access but still delimits a space that is 'other.'

At the same time, it is a low railing, so the possibility of jumping over it is always there.

As for the elements in the landscape, I got inspired by how the everyday urban landscape looks around us, especially in areas where people are forced into poverty by capitalist society.

I guess I see the trash as a symbol of things that get thrown away and left behind, and it is interesting to think about how the Apollo itself is something that has been left behind, in a way, but quite literally put on a pedestal."

We *love* this image.

If you want to see more of Alice's work, you can view her portfolio here, see her Instagram here, or give her a follow on Twitter.

Last Minute Exile: Alice Casalini

Hometown: Thiene, but I was born in Padua

High School: God that was so long ago… Liceo Classico F. Corradini

Like Seneca, like Aristotle, and like countless others from Classical history, you find yourself subject to an exile order, and must vacate the country tout-suite before some sort of sword-based injury befalls your neck!

You grab three records…

1. Lorde, Melodrama

2. Taylor Swift, Folklore

3. Mahmood, Gioventù Bruciata

…two books…

1. Everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

2. Il sergente nella neve by Mario Rigoni Stern

…a Tupperware of your favourite food…

Sushi sushi sushi

…and something else at random.

Drawing tools and a lot of sketchbooks!!

Exile is going to suck, but at least you won’t have to put up with…

The flat landscape of Illinois LMAO

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